Sunkin's Wrath

Sunpower... The most destructible and the most powerful force ever known. Only species known as Sunkin were capable of maintaining the legendary power of the Sun. That's why they were gods to one and enemies to other. Ancient empire of the Ethereals considered Sunkin as a threat. For decades they were secretly developing new powerful weapons and finally the war has begun. Once proud and mighty Sunkin race was exterminated in one dishonorable surprise attack... Then Ethereals enslaved other sentient beings. Noble Wildeyed tribes, elusive Mask Bearers and brave Thirteenth Knight's guild - all had to bow before the allmighty weapons of the Ethereal empire. But zealots of the Sun cult also known as Mask Bearers hid the last egg of the Sunkin race deep in the forest. Legends say that the last Sunkin will have to reclaim all powers of his ancestors and slay mighty beasts before striking into the heart of the Ethereal empire...

Sunkin's Wrath is an adventure/platformer game. Your hero has to collect power-ups and learn new abilities to proceed further. Features of the game: 3 worlds to explore, dozens of enemies to fight, 4 tremendous bosses to prove what are you made of, 10 medals to unlock, lots of collectable items and exclusive wallpapers.

Left/Right Arrow - Walk
Up Arrow - Cling
Up Arrow+Left/Right Arrow - Slide on the ceiling
Down Arrow - Crouch
Down Arrow+Left/Right Arrow - Slide on the ground
Z - Jump
X - Shoot
C - Use/Talk/Interact
V - Shield
Space - Smash
Esc - Pause/Menu

- Smash is the first ability you'll need to kill most of your foes;
- if you can't kill some kind of enemy in one way try another way (or use guide);
- remember that you have to press C button near Heart Crystal to save;
- talk to every NPC. Some dialogues are really rewarding;
- earning medals will help you to upgrade your character;
- try to collect all coins in the beginning. You'll need them later;
- if you get lost press Esc to view level map;
- to open the Health Vault you have to get to it unharmed;
- don't worry if you miss any item. You can always come back to find it.

Code - Volodymyr "Wolod" Yakubovych
Art - Volodymyr "Wolod" Yakubovych
Additional Art - Victoria "Fidelis" Behovets'
Music - Volodymyr "Wolod" Yakubovych

Thanks to Construct community for help and awesome plugins! Also many thanks to Wooter the best tester I've ever known! And special thanks to my girlfriend Victoria for her support and patience.

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Ukraine, L'viv, 2012

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1.4.2 - 11/06/13
- major balance fix (invulnerability after getting hit lasts longer now);
- level design fixes.

1.4.1 - 23/08/12
- font bug in some menus fixed;
- added gameplay tips in readme.

1.4 - 22/06/12
- final boss bug fixed;
- menu bugs fixed;
- few minor design fixes;
- enemy guide added to bonus materials.

1.3 - 01/06/12
- main menu functionality improved;
- balance improved;
- double jump smash combo added.

1.2 - 29/05/12
- medals improved;
- all known bugs fixed.

1.1.2 - 28/05/12
- medals are easier to get;
- double jump isn't possible if you're dead;
- windows are there, where they supposed to be.

1.1.1 - 25/05/12
- player collision mask visibility bug fixed;
- some minor mistakes in level design fixed;
- orb collecting bug fixed.

1.1 - 24/05/12
- collision masks updated - now it's easier to hit an enemy with an explosive crate;
- dialog system bugs - NPC's textboxes won't disappear too fast so you can't read them;
- game won't quit if you die without save anymore.

1.0.2 - 18/05/12
- medals & options added;
- minimap bug fixed;
- additional art included.

1.0.1 - 18/02/12
- font bug fixed;
- respawn bug fixed.

1.0 - 12/02/12
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