Intel Was Wrong

War with Federation lasts for years... Your commander decided to warp you near the secret Federation facility in nearby star system. It should be your first top secret mission. However coordinates from intel report were incorrect and you were warped into unknown sector of space. Base is not responding. Seems you are out of communication range. Now you are completely lost in the middle of nowhere. For how long will you manage to survive?

Explore procedural generated galaxy, fight enemies, contact aliens, collect loot and try to survive this is what Intel Was Wrong about.
Features of the game:
- procedural generated galaxy map (including planetary systems around each star);
- lots of random events sometimes good and sometimes bad;
- funny aliens;
- space and ground combat;
- loot collecting;
- permadeath (and lots of ways to die including exploding stars!).


Left Mouse Button - Move
Right Mouse Button/I - Open Inventory

WASD/Arrows - Move
Mouse - Aim
Hold Left Mouse Button - Shoot

Hold Left Mouse Button - Move Item
Right Click Item - Destroy Item

- unvisited places are marked with green colour and visited ones with red;
- there is no point in travelling to places where you've already been;
- keep an eye on your fuel amount and hull capacity (some events can simply kill you if you are low on fuel or are heavily damaged);
- only giant stars can turn to supernova;
- you can destroy unnecessary items right clicking on them.

Code - Volodymyr "Wolod" Yakubovych
Art - Volodymyr "Wolod" Yakubovych
Additional Art - Victoria "Fidelis" Behovets'
Music - Oleg "Nasos" Papka

Made specially for Procedural Death Jam

Powered by Construct 2
Ukraine, L'viv, 2014

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1.5 - 08/07/19
- completely reworked in-game text and dialogues;
- few balance tweaks;
- improved main menu;
- updated web audio compatibility;
- lots of minor fixes and code optimization.

1.4 - 22/09/14
- fixed bug with inventory;
- fixed bug with combat initialization;
- code optimization;
- lots of small changes and fixes.

1.3.2 - 27/03/14
- fixed bug with getting trapped in combat;
- possibility of negative events was decreased.

1.3.1 - 26/03/14
- fixed bug with invisible enemies and player on combat screen.

1.3 - 25/03/14
- fixed bug with incorrect starting combat;
- fixed bug with recharging shield;
- completely redesigned ground and space combat;
- added indicator for player's HP on combat screen;
- enemy spaceships' hull capacity reduced by 25%;
- added more detailed controls description.

1.2 - 23/03/14
- added level-up system with starting bonuses (accessible from "extras" section of main menu);
- added happy end;
- added new event icons;
- added inventory slots highlights;
- fixed bug with swaping items;
- fixed bug with disappearing items;
- redesigned background;
- minor bug fixes and balance tweaks.

1.1 - 19/03/14
- added tons of new equipment (including planet analyzers!);
- added special items that help to make friends or blackmail aliens;
- added combat rewards;
- added possibility to avoid insta-kill events with certain items;
- the possibility of insta-kill events is reduced by 30%;
- negative effect from "Gravitation Well" effect was nerfed;
- improved space combat balance and AI;
- fixed bug with combat music delay;
- changed old ugly icons for inventory slots and items;
- and, of course, minor bug fixes and balance tweaks.

1.0 - 15/03/14
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